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Will Jack

Will Jack is a Venture Partner. He is CEO of Remedy Health, a telehealth company that amplifies doctors’ abilities with AI, making primary care more accessible and less expensive for patients.  Prior to this Will worked on SpaceX’s internet satellite project, and studied physics and computer science at MIT. He also actively works as an data analytics consultant, engaging entities ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Will’s early career was in plasma physics, culminating in working on the lithium tokamak experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.  An Ohio native, Will spent his childhood developing a particle collider in his basement, using the nuclear reactions it carried out to investigate novel methods of medical imaging, and speaking about it internationally. Will’s other experiences include running hackathons at MIT, working briefly as a high frequency trader, and developing medical devices at the MIT media lab.

Will’s investment interests include companies developing hard tech, especially in spaceflight, imaging, neuroscience, as well as companies applying cutting edge technology to highly outdated industries.