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Alsop Louie Partners is an early-stage, risk-oriented technology venture capital firm in San Francisco.

The Geek and The Gadfly

That’s what we called ourselves when we started Alsop Louie Partners in 2006. Now we have evolved into an extended network of Geeks and Gadflies, across domains, generations, and geographies.

We started with the idea that Gilman Louie is The Geek, the partner who knows everything, but realized that deep technical knowledge is embedded diligence for a firm that specializes in investing in the future. We started with the idea that Stewart Alsop is The Gadfly, the partner who knows everybody, but realized that having an extended trusted network was the key to unbeatable deal flow and portfolio support.

Over the years and across funds, we have extended the simple idea of The Geek & The Gadfly into a system that reliably discovers companies working on bold new ideas and optimizes a small fund for superior investment returns.

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