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There was a brief moment several decades ago when we thought technology would save us all.


Instead of a populous held together via thoughtful dialogue and common understanding, we have seen a fundamental disruption of our nation's social fabric due to stealth algorithms. It has sent us into a death spiral. This technology has extended the spread of lies, amplified hate and manipulations of reality and weaponized our First Amendment. And it often feels like we are powerless to stop it.

But, let's remember: optimism is a choice. And Alsop Louie is choosing it.

We believe technology can bring us into a future of prosperity, equality, and longevity. And we believe it can make us a lot of money while we do it.

This belief is born not of some starry-eyed hope, but out of a simple understanding:

The best way to predict the future is to be the ones building it.


We love money as much as the next fund. But more than just money, we love our species, our planet, our civil society and the opportunities it provides.

We'll build the future based on this central precept: That there is more money to be made doing good for the world and investing in a better future for all, than there is purely in investing in a better future for just a few.

We call it Venture Humanism.

It's an idea built not merely on the hope that advanced technologies will behave, (SPOILER: they won't) but on accountable technologies that are designed and engineered with safeguards built in.

It's not enough to just believe the future will be better.
It's up to us to create it.

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