Shiaoching (Ching) Tse

Venture Partner

Shiaoching Tse, otherwise known as Ching, is a Venture Partner. She studied Physics at MIT, from which she graduated in 2020.

If you could sum up who Ching is, it will go something like this: “Driven by moonshots. Excited by tipping points. Here to work on technologies that will fundamentally change our most fundamental industries.”

Ching was the first hire at MIT-spinout nuclear fusion company, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), which is slated to become the first company to achieve net-energy fusion by using revolutionary superconducting magnets. At CFS, she has used both her business and scientific acumen to develop the company’s supply chain and QA/QC systems for the high temperature superconductors. She now leads the company’s commercial fusion power plant development efforts to “get fusion ready for the world and get the world ready for fusion”. 

Alongside her efforts in the fusion industry to mitigate existential risk, Ching is a Partner at FT Energy Partners, a company that is dedicated to building transformative next generation energy infrastructure. She is currently managing a multi-year project worth more than $1-2B in an emerging country.

Before energy, Ching’s focus was on food, food security, and high-tech farming. Her mission was to make sure that every human had the access and opportunity to fresh and nutritional foods. After battling an eating disorder, she founded a 501c3 nonprofit, The Food Ark, at the age of 14. Their goal was to holistically fight food insecurity while empowering youth to become leaders and change-makers. Over just two years the nonprofit grew to more than 400 students, and quickly spread across states and into more than 10 schools. The Food Ark is still growing.

Ching has more than 5 years of wet lab chemistry research and has published articles in Polymer Chemistry and Food Science.

She is also an internationally ranked fencer, who has represented the US on its national team.