Ernestine Fu is a Venture Partner, currently leading the firm’s investment thesis in 3D printing and other disruptive technologies. Her companies include: Gfycat, Jetlore, Keyssa, MXD3D, New Matter, Wickr, WiFiSLAM, and others. She started her venture career after joining Alsop Louie Partners in early 2011 and then led her first investment within two months. She then developed and oversaw the campus associate outreach program, targeted at university startups. Outside the firm, she advises startups in data storage, payments, mobile analytics, and gaming.

Ernestine is the author of Civic Work, Civic Lessons, a book on philanthropy co-authored with former Stanford Law School dean, Thomas Ehrlich. The book has been endorsed by former U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar, former U.S. Congressman Lee H. Hamilton, Stanford President John Hennessy, and multiple leaders of large nonprofit organizations and foundations. The book has been published internationally. Both authors currently write for Forbes on higher education and philanthropy.

Ernestine received her bachelors and masters in engineering from Stanford University, where she was recognized for the top honors thesis in engineering and selected for multiple honor societies. She has researched peer-networked autonomous vehicle protocols and algorithms. She has designed and led courses on startups, government, and venture capital at Stanford.

Ernestine is also a graduate of the Kauffman Fellows Program (Class 17).