Shawn Ahdout is an Associate at Stanford University where he is studying Management Science and Engineering. His interest in business emerged in high school when he was elected as the State President of the California Association of Student Councils, a California-based non-profit organization focused on student leadership development and advocacy. As State President, he managed the business operations of the organization, and was invited to serve on the Board of Directors upon completion of his term due to his success.

At Stanford, he has taken a keen interest in the business and entrepreneurial community. He is currently the head of the Sponsorship Executive Team at BASES, Stanford’s largest business and entrepreneurship group. Additionally, he helped bring Tamid, an international organization that focuses on connecting American students to Israel’s growing startup economy, to campus and currently serves as the Vice President. He also serves as a partner with the Kudla Fund, which manages a $1 million investment fund, and was formerly a consultant with Stanford Consulting, where he provided management consulting for two publicly-traded, multibillion-dollar companies. Outside of Stanford, he has interned at two startups: Toot App, an edtech startup whose founders were recognized in Forbes’ 30 under 30 for the startup; and ClutchPoints, a sports media startup with over 12 million hits per month.

His interest in technology goes back to his days as a toddler. His father, who was a software engineer, got him his first computer for his first birthday, and the rest was history. He loves looking and discussing the future potential of technology and the potential impacts it will have on our society. Outside of school and work, Shawn has developed a deep interest in promoting educational equity, and as a former professional DJ, spends a lot of time listening to music and discovering new songs.