Mina Fahmi is an Associate at MIT, where he is engaged in a flexible Mechanical Engineering degree with focuses in neuroscience, computation, and philosophy. He is an alumnus of the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program. His interest centers on technologies which alter the fundamental human experience in a positive way, and advancing them to a global scale.

Growing up in rural Maryland, Mina built teleoperated robots and full body exoskeletons in his garage, going on to receive awards at the Intel International Science Fair. He lead high school teams to place first in global robotics competitions, and participated in research at Johns Hopkins on brain-controlled prostheses.

Upon coming to MIT, Mina sought to engage with entrepreneurial, outcome-focused labs. Mina first joined the MIT Media Lab, where he worked on assistive exoskeletons, light-based neural interfaces, and surgical procedures for amputees. He then went on to develop medical devices for neurodegenerative disorders at the MIT Koch Institute. During sophomore year he founded Endeavor, a group which connected world-class entrepreneurs with students on campus. Previous speakers include Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, and Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator Core.

He believes in disruptive, hard tech, and is at home with teams venturing into the unknown. He interned at Kernel, a startup which invested $100 million towards developing neural interfaces for medical and consumer applications, and worked to manufacture brain implants while securing the company’s first lab facility. He also interned at Magic Leap, a mixed reality startup. While there he supported one of the most anticipated tech launches in history, and proposed designs for next-generation products.

Mina is deeply interested in learning about the breadth of human experience, and has spent time in China, Myanmar, Peru, and Egypt. He enjoys reading, wandering, and creating in any form.