Josh Khalili is an associate at UCLA, where he is studying Cognitive Science.

His career in business started in high school, when he spent a summer at Diamond Business Loans, an up-and-coming banking company. He continued to pursue his interest in business as an analyst for Napkin Finance, a financial literacy company aimed at educating youth in monetary knowledge. During his senior year, Josh was Head of High School Outreach for social media startup Hinter, assisting in their product development and raising their user base substantially.

Near the end of his senior year Josh discovered venture capital. He made it his mission to learn about the startup atmosphere and meet influencers in the field, cold-emailing hundreds of VCs and CEOs to gain insights. Josh decided to spend a month living in Palo Alto, ground zero for the tech industry.

Josh is Co-President of Bruin Ventures, which is the premier venture capital club on campus incorporating three branches: Research, Events, and Fellowships. Within Research, Josh teaches UCLA students how to properly research and create due diligence reports on startups, similar to how associates at venture capital firms would.

Outside of school and work, Josh loves playing and watching sports, with his favorite sports being basketball and soccer, and favorite teams being Chelsea FC, LA Lakers, and New England Patriots.