Jared Zoneraich is currently a freshman studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California-Berkeley. He helps organize Cal Hacks, UC Berkeley’s premier student hackathon, and is a Kairos Fellow.

Growing up in New Jersey, Jared was first introduced to programming during the summer of 7th grade. He later attended the Bergen County Academies high school in the Academy of Technologies and Computer Science. During the summer after his freshman year, Jared received his first taste of professional development at a small startup called Newlio. The following two summers he interned at Warby Parker, working on automating server monitoring and redesigning the website. During his senior year, he worked one day a week for Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of reddit), creating browser extensions and other internal tools. The summer after high school, Jared interned for Major League Hacking to create a definitive guide to hackathons for third parties.

Following high school, Jared took a gap year. During that time, he worked in Tel Aviv, Israel as a software engineer at Implisit (now acquired by Salesforce), and then backpacked in Europe. In addition to eating far too much hummus, Jared spent his free time creating a proposal for Intel to improve their student developer outreach efforts.

An integral part of Jared’s life has been his attendance of hackathons. He attended his first hackathon in 2012 and has since attended around twenty, receiving awards from companies like Google, Comcast, Dropbox, and General Motors. In 2013, Jared founded hackBCA, one of the first and largest hackathons for high school students, and the event is now in its fourth year. Jared has spent much of his time helping other high school organizers and organizing the “HS Hacker” online community. He has also given hackathon-related talks including: “Fundraising for High School Hackathons,” “How to Inspire Absolute Beginners,” and “Securing Awesome Judges for your Hackathon.”

You can now find Jared sipping espresso, traveling around the world, or studying for his next final.