Mark Fields

Mark Fields is a Venture Partner. Prior to joining ALP, Mark was CEO, President, and member of the Board of Directors of Wickr, Inc., an end-to end encrypted communications platform enabling enterprises and consumers in more than 190 countries to safeguard proprietary information and sensitive communications. Wickr is also an Alsop Louie Capital 3 portfolio company…. Read more »

Will Jack

Will Jack is a Venture Partner. He is CEO of Remedy Health, a telehealth company that amplifies doctors’ abilities with AI, making primary care more accessible and less expensive for patients.  Prior to this Will worked on SpaceX’s internet satellite project, and studied physics and computer science at MIT. He also actively works as an data… Read more »

David Mace

David Mace is an associate at Caltech, where he is a candidate for a bachelors degree in Computer Science. At 17 years old, David published a novel machine learning technique to classify gesture interface motions in a major computer science journal (ACM IUI) as one of its youngest ever authors. At 18, he sold a… Read more »

Stephen Mendel

Stephen Mendel is a Venture Partner. He has served in a wide variety of leadership roles in public and private technology based organizations – managing director and executive vice president of In-Q-Tel in charge of its venture capital activities, vice chairman of Knowledge Revolution (acquired by MSC Software), CEO and president of Ithaca Software (acquired… Read more »

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee is our Chief Financial Officer and a Partner. She is a veteran bean counter for venture capital firms, having spent 20 years with Walden International, a firm with a long and distinguished history and multiple funds in North America and Asia. Her job is to keep Gilman and Stewart out of trouble and… Read more »