Keyssa reinvented the connector with Kiss Connectivity. Now, it’s a tiny, solid-state system that simplifies secure, instant data flow between devices – freeing product designers and consumers from metal connectors, cables and wireless-bandwidth limits.​

Kiss Connectivity is a new category of contactless connectivity that transmits huge amounts of data and video rapidly between devices in close proximity, with virtually no battery drain. Keyssa’s coffee bean-sized connector combines breakthroughs in mechanical design, electromagnetics, materials science, and semiconductor technologies. Because this tiny system uses extremely high frequency (EHF) signals to transmit information securely using standard protocols, it avoids the manufacturing and consumer challenges of today’s other wired or wireless-network options for connecting devices.

When built into tablets, laptops, smartphones or docks, it saves space and frees product designers – who are currently constrained by today’s large, delicate, mechanical connectors – to create sleeker and more rugged devices. It also offers consumers a new way to share, sync, and store their content – simply and securely.